Secret Menu Pick & Mix Picto-Charms™
Secret Menu Pick & Mix Picto-Charms™

Secret Menu Pick & Mix Picto-Charms™

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A secret passed on like a whisper, here today, gone tomorrow...

Choose from our curated monthly selection of Secret Menu picto-charms™ . Each charm is a special ode to something that's been on our mind lately.

These charms are only accessible from the link in our newsletter.

Each style sold individually.
  • Optional - add drop component (vintage glass stone, vintage brass finding, or natural freshwater pearl)
  • Size varies between 1.2-2.2" (approx.)
  • Lightweight (4-5g per single)

Hardware options:

  • Gold or Silver hypoallergenic 24k gold-filled hardware
  • Vintage drop components have brass settings 
  • Freshwater pearl can come in either gold or silver hardware

Charm derrière print:

Shipping: This item is made-to-order and will ship around 3-4 weeks after the order date (if not sooner)! Business days do not include holidays or weekends.

Due to the nature of this hand-crafted production, charms & vintage components will vary slightly in size & look between pieces, making each one unique. Haricot Vert celebrates the particularity and uniqueness of each item we put out into the world.

Handmade in Brooklyn. No returns, exchanges, refunds.