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Behind the Bean


Meet Kelsey Armstrong, the mind that brought Haricot Vert to fruition. Having called many places home, it was her time in France that really sparked her imagination. Kelsey moved to Paris in 2014 to study abroad and minor in fine arts. At that time, she took a mixed media and collage class that piqued her curiosity about the medium, which would later become the foundation of her brand. 

She became obsessed with French culture, adopting the language and immersing herself in experiences that filled her mind’s canvas. She later brought her accumulated inspiration to the vibrant city of New York, which became the home of Haricot Vert. She began playing with collage in the form of whimsical jewelry, piecing together imaginative concepts that could be worn and interpreted in countless ways.

While encouraging a playful view of the world, each piece is created with the intention of nurturing the imagination and creativity of everyone who encounters the Haricot Vert universe. 


Most of our pieces include vintage, deadstock, antique, or found components. We put a lot of time into curating these pieces. Idiosyncrasies tell the story of the piece and are not considered to be flaws.

Due to the nature of this hand-crafted production, please be aware that there may be some subtle idiosyncrasies between the product photograph and the item you receive. Haricot Vert celebrates the uniqueness in each item made available. 


 We are committed to eco-responsibility over the use of lackadaisical buzzwords around sustainability in our marketing. This is why we follow a made-to-order production cycle to avoid unnecessary waste and mainly use vintage or found components to bring new life to preexisting treasures. 

This is not a factory. We are real humans in a small atelier in NYC. Every piece we put out into the world is carefully handcrafted with tons of love, thought and care.

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